Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and is known for its world class safari experiences, beautiful landscapes, the spice islands of Zanzibar and Africa’s highest mountain-the Kilimanjaro. A Tanzania safari is exceptional, with its charming, rich diverse scenery, friendly people and the thrilling wildlife sightings in the different wildlife parks.

With Budget Holiday Safaris, you can plan a tailor-made safari holiday to Tanzania that is customized to your preference. We help you create your dream Tanzania safari, whether a low budget safari, a luxurious safari or even a trekking to the Mt Kilimanjaro. Everyone that visits Tanzania, leaves with unique lifetime memories, from witnessing the annual wildebeest migration crossing the Mara River (August-October) to the amazing sightings of wildlife in the Ndutu plains (December- March) to the witnessing wildlife in Ngorongoro crater- the largest volcanic caldera in the world. The cultural experience is comparable to no other, as you get a chance to interact with the local people from communities like the Masaai, Datoga, Iraq, Hadzabe and Bushmen. Another highlight of what Tanzania has to offer is the Mt Kilimanjaro, where you can take a few days after safari, to see the beautiful mountain. To cap off your safari, take a few days to enjoy the beach in Zanzibar, for your African safari with Budget Holiday Safaris.